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What our families have to say...

Audrey Johnson

My son has been going to Audrey Johnson for the past two years and he has learned so much. Audrey Johnson has been very professional and patient during the Covid pandemic. I am very pleased with their teachings. -Tenika R. 

John Coker

The best decision was to enroll my son at John Coker. He’s been there for a year and The progress he made and how much he has learned it’s amazing. All the teachers are great, they really care about the kids. I highly recommended! -Tatiana G.

Audrey Johnson

Since my daughters enrollment I have received nothing but the best of support and education for my daughter. My daughter is able to communicate and interact more effectively. My daughter loves the support she receives from her teachers Ms. Mejia and Ms. Crystal. She attributes everything she learns to one or the other when she gives me a summary of her day. I look forward to bring her to school every day so I can pick her up and hear her eloquent summary of daily events. A good place to nourish your child’s mind in their most impressionable time of growing. -Miguel Q. 

Jonathan Williams

I am an essential worker I desperately needed my son in childcare budgets have been cut for 3pk i am not low income everyone in the community was denying us a seat. This daycare was super accommodating. Has a great reputation in the community. My aunt had sent her daughter here and states her child is super tidy and organized til this day because of this daycare. Today was my sons first day after the pandemic its simple humble old school daycare that gets the job then feeling grateful he has a place to stay while i work in the hospital. -Peggy S. 

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